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February 23, 2018
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2002 Results

EVMS Test Results
Date Description
01/2002 Enterprise Volume Management Services System Test

Ether Channel Test Results
Date Description
03/2002 Ether Channel Hardening Test

JFS Test Results
Date Description
03/2002 JFS Test

LTP Test Results
Date Description
03/2002 LTP Test
04/2002 LTP Test

NFS Test Results
Date Description
01/2002 Networking: NFSv3

NGPT Test Results
Date Description
02/2002 NGPT

The test results outlined here result from test run at IBM's laboratory facility in Austin, Texas, under the specific conditions at this test facility. As such, results which users may achieve in their particular installations may vary meaningfully from these test results, due to workload, configuration or other factors. Accordingly, the information provided herein is provided solely for the information of the user. It is provided on an "AS IS" basis, without liablility or warranty. Users use such information at their own risk, and are advised to make their own decisions and conduct their own evaluations on all code referenced here, as they deem appropriate for their particular installations.