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May 27, 2018
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IBM Linux Technology Center

Test Team

JFS 1.x

March 19, 2002


This document summarizes the status of the ongoing JFS 1.x test effort of the IBM Linux Technology Center Test Team. It includes the test approach, unresolved issues, environment, test cases, and some observations of JFS 1.x and identifies areas where additional testing could be useful. Unless otherwise indicated, only results from the latest JFS versions are given.

Test approach

Focus tests including dbench, cerberus, bonnie++, iozone, fs_inod, linktest, lftest, fs_maim and postmark are run on 2-way machines for each JFS drop. These tests are run to verify the basic functionality and stability of the code and are usually of short duration (<24 hours). Stress tests include 72+ hour runs of dbench, cerberus and/or bonnie++ and are usually run after focus tests are done. Integration runs typically involve JFS in an enterprise environment with DB2 or Oracle, WebSphere and EVMS.

Exit criteria

  • All defects found during the test cycle have been opened in LTC Bugzilla
  • All blocking and critical defects have been addressed
  • All planned tests have been executed
  • Verification Summary Report available
  • Overall 90% successful test execution has occurred

Unresolved issues

There are no unresolved issues at this point in the test effort.

Areas for further testing

As new features (such as logging outside the volume, extending the filesystem and defragmentation) are made available, new tests should be developed to verify the added functionality.

Test environment

This section details the distributions, and kernel versions, and defines the hardware configurations used during testing.


Initial test efforts focused on commercially available distributions. The LTC is continually evaluating its test environment and may add additional distributions in the future. The distributions and releases for the test effort were as follows:
  • RedHat 7.x
  • SuSE 7.x


2.4.x kernels from kernel.org were used for these tests
  • 2.4.x (tests were run on the most current stable kernel available)
  • We did not test against 2.4.10, 2.4.11 or 2.4.15 kernels

Hardware configurations

This table describes the hardware used during the test effort
Name Processor Memory Storage
Test1 (2) P3-550MHz 2Gb (3) 17Gb
Test2 (4) P3-700 MHz Xeon 2Gb (6) 18Gb
Test3 (8) P3-700 MHz 10Gb (2) 35Gb
Test4 (8) P3-700 MHz 10Gb (2) 35Gb+5.2Tb SAN

Test cases and observations

Large Filesystem/Large File Test
Location: http://ltp.sourceforge.net
Description: lftest is a tool/test designed to create large files and lseek from the beginning of the file to the end of the file after each block write. This test verifies large file support and can be used to generate large files for other filesystem tests.
Target Test Duration: 60+ hours or until target filesize is reached
Average Test Duration: N/A
Hardware: Test4
Kernels: 2.4.17+jfs-1.0.14 and 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.15
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: lftest 1958976 (should fill a 1.9 Tb JFS volume)
Observations: The JFS filesystem was created with mkfs.jfs and reported a size of 2005991424 1-k blocks. lftest was started with the size parameter of 1958976 blocks. A single large file(1.9Tb) was created that completely filled the volume.

Filesystem Mount/Umount/Fsck
Location: http://ltp.sourceforge.net
Description: shortpart is a subset of fs_maim. it performs: mount, create a file, umount and fsck X number of times in rapid succession
Target Test Duration: iterative
Average Test Duration: almost 15 hours
Hardware: Test1
Kernels: 2.4.17+jfs-1.0.14
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: shortpart 100000 (mount, create a file, umount and fsck, 100000 times in rapid succession)
Observations: The JFS volume handled the filesystem utility abuse without corruption. Test completed without any errors.

Location: http://ltp.sourceforge.net
Description: Linux Test Project Suite is an all-around suite with some good filesystem and I/O tests.
Target Test Duration: 96 hours
Average Test Duration: 96 hours
Hardware: Test2
Kernels: 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.15
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: N/A
Observations: Test completed without any filesystem errors.

Location: http://sourceforge.net/projects/va-ctcs
Description: A Test Control System with stressful tests for hardware burn-in. Good all around filesystems tests.
Target Test Duration: 60 hours
Average Test Duration: 60 hours
Hardware: Test1, Test2
Kernels: 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.16
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: newburn
Observations: Test completed without any filesystem errors.

Location: http://www.netapp.com/tech_library/postmark.html
Description: Filesystem benchmark that simulates load generated by enterprise applications such as email, news and web-based commerce.
Target Test Duration: variable (dependent on size parameters and number of iterations)
Average Test Duration: typically >12 hours
Hardware: Test1
Kernels: 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.16
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: set size 1000 20000
set number 500000
set seed 42
set transactions 50000
set read 15000
set write 10000
set buffering false
Observations: Test completed without any filesystem errors.

Location: http://www.iozone.org
Description: Filesystem benchmark tool (read, write, re-read, re-write, read backwards, read strided, fread, fwrite, random read, pread, aio_read, aio_write)
Target Test Duration: 24 hours
Average Test Duration: 24 hours
Hardware: Test1
Kernels: 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.16
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: IOZone -A (16 iterations)
Observations: Test completed without any filesystem errors.

Location: ftp://samba.org/pub/tridge/dbench/
Description: Filesystem benchmark that generates good filesystem load
Target Test Duration: .5 hour(s)
Average Test Duration: 22 minutes
Hardware: Test1
Kernels: 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.16
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: dbench is run in a loop, adding 1 client on each iteration, usually up to 10 clients.
Observations: Test completed without any filesystem errors.

Location: N/A
Description: Cycle the power on the machine while writing to a jfs volume (usually using dbench or bonnie++). Bring the machine back up mounting the jfs volume.
Target Test Duration: N/A
Average Test Duration: N/A
Hardware: Test1, Test2
Kernels: Latest: 2.4.18+jfs-1.0.16
Distributions: SuSE 7.3
Parameters: N/A
Observations: fsck.jfs caught errors, log was replayed and volume was not corrupted. The jfs volume was then mounted without error.

Test team:
Jeff Martin
Jay Inman
James Kenefick