Expected Failures of LTP-20020307 on X86
  This was tested on the 2.4.18 kernel

Expected failures from runalltests.sh

Tests that fail all of the time:
personality01 - bugzilla bug # 266
personality02 - bugzilla bug # 266
shmdt02 - bugzilla bug # 264 - has been fixed in 2.4.19-pre4
sem02 - bugzilla bug # 765 / sf#535442
pread02 - investigating

Tests that fail only a few times on long runs:

Expected failures from networktests.sh


Comments :
1. file /dev/zero seems to be deleted after running runalltests.sh, this is being investigated.
2. ftruncate03 is not cleaning up directories in /tmp properly, this has been fixed in the CVS tree.
3. Bugzilla #264 description - shmdt system call does not fail on unshared memory segments.
4. Bugzilla #266 description - personality system call does not fail when expected.