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The Linux Test Project


The Linux™ Test Project is a joint project with SGI™, IBM®, OSDL™, and Bull® with a goal to deliver test suites to the open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux. The Linux Test Project is a collection of tools for testing the Linux kernel and related features. Our goal is to improve the Linux kernel by bring test automation to the kernel testing effort. Interested open source contributors are encouraged to join the project.

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Released items...

  • Over 580 tests delivered to the Open Source Community!
  • Several complex IO tests (doio, growfiles, pipeio)
  • A simple test driver (pan)
  • Some analysis tools for pan output
  • Over 25 reliability network tests for remote procedure calls, network file systems, multicast, and various network commands.
  • An assortment of robustness tests that cover pthreads, memory, filesystems, and disk I/O
  • Several tests for commands commonly used in an application development environment.