07:50 PM PST
May 27, 2018

The LTP GCOV extension (lcov)

About LCOV

LCOV is an extension of GCOV, a GNU tool which provides information about what parts of a program are actually executed (i.e. "covered") while running a particular test case. The extension consists of a set of PERL scripts which build on the textual GCOV output to implement the following enhanced functionality:

  • HTML based output: coverage rates are additionally indicated using bar graphs and specific colors.
  • Support for large projects: overview pages allow quick browsing of coverage data by providing three levels of detail: directory view, file view and source code view.

LCOV was initially designed to support Linux kernel coverage measurements (requires the gcov-kernel package, see "Downloads and links" section), but works as well for coverage measurements on standard user space applications.


LCOV was jointly created by a group of developers from the IBM Linux Technology Center in Austin, Texas and the IBM Development Lab in Boeblingen, Germany.

Contributors in alphabetical order:


Downloads and links

  • GCOV kernel patches and the LCOV analysis tools can be downloaded here
  • Coverage output as generated by LCOV for the LTP test suite.
  • LCOV files in the CVS directory (containing the most current version)
  • Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) web site, a source for obtaining the GD.pm graphics library which is needed for the --frames option of genhtml.pl.

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