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Weolcome to the Linux Test Project


The Linux Test Project (LTP) was created here at SGI to coordinate 
the development and delivery of open tests for the Linux OS.  We begin 
with just a couple testing tools that have been very useful on the XFS 
file system.  In the near future, we will be adding more tests from our 
internal suites as well as developing new ones.  We'd like to invite you 
to participate in the discussions on this (archived) alias, and also to 
contribute any tests and/or testing ideas you might have.  

If you have suggestions, questions, or contributions, please feel free to
post them to:
ltp@oss.sgi.com <mailto:ltp@oss.sgi.com> 

Again, Welcome to the Linux Test Project!

Bill Roske		
Engineering Manager 	OS Test Development