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Linux Kernel Benchmark Suite

Hello everyone from LTP,

I recently remarked on the linux-kernel mailing list that performance
issues are mostly expressed as "the machine feels sluggish" instead of
with hard numbers. And while I knew there were benchmarking tools around,
they were hard to find. Furthermore, there is no "protocol" of how to do a
benchmark test or how to submit them to those really interested (the

There was a lot of response, and people also pointed towards other
existing benchmark tools/projects, including you (LTP) and lmbench. I
think it would really help if all projects cooperated, the more people the
better it will be. But ofcourse, that is exactly what you say yourselves:
"We welcome external involvement. We actually believe that the ultimate
test for the success of an open source project is whether it continues
living even if its original coordinator can no longer keep the flame.
Success, at this point, comes from the participation of others."

The "Linux Kernel Benchmark Suite", as I have named it, is not that much
about making benchmarks, but to combine them in an easily installable
package so that many people will use it. Also, it aims at creating a
repository for the benchmark results everyone is allowed to send in. The
repository can be scanned and processed and relevant data can be extracted
and sent to developpers interested. This way, we will get the most out of
a benchmark.

I hope you will comment on this. Most of this is just ideas yet, but I
hope that something real be available very soon. Phil Wilshire is already
brainstorming about how to setup the repository I described.

(A very very preliminary site for the LKBS can be found at
http://www.phys.uu.nl/~sliepen/lkbs/, containing the things I just said
and some links.)

Met vriendelijke groet,
Guus Sliepen.