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RE: Request for suggested test cases


Sorry for the delay in response.  Your mail went to owner-ltp 
(that's currently me) and I was out of the office.

I'm copying this reply to ltp@oss.sgi.com <mailto:ltp@oss.sgi.com>  so the
rest of the project 
members see it at well.

I'm not sure what you are looking for.  You mention "kernel release."
The doio tests are intended for file system testing.  If you are asking 
about additional command lines for doio for broader coverage of the 
FS, I'm hoping the FS testing folks can jump in.

If you're asking about general kernel coverage, doio will only cover the 
FS portion of the kernel.  Additional tests will be added (soon, I hope) to
for the other areas of the kernel.  If there are specific areas of the
kernel you are 
concerned about, please send them to the ltp@oss.sgi.com
<mailto:ltp@oss.sgi.com>  address so we get 
those concerns in the archive and people responding to them.

Thanks for your interest!  I hope we can help!

Bill Roske

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From:	Derek Tattersall [mailto:dlt@mebtel.net]
Sent:	Tuesday, May 16, 2000 7:05 PM
To:	owner-ltp@oss.sgi.com
Subject:	Request for suggested test cases

I downloaded ltp today and got it running with no sweat.  Hats off to
y'all for a nice tool.  Do you have any suggestions for a file system
newbie who wants to stress the file system  for the next release?

I have run most of the cases suggested in the README in the doio
directory, but I don't really have a feeling for what mix of tests would
be appropriate for a kernel release.

Any help, suggestions or words of wisdom are gratefully received.

Derek Tattersall                        dlt@mebtel.net