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More about the new code released


I'd like to take a little time to give a little background on the new
code that was released last week.  The new code is the beginning of what
we hope will spark an organized testing effort for the Linux kernel.  We
hope that by releasing code and ideas that SGI uses for testing its
other operating systems may birth a test development project and
ultimately the quality of the linux kernel can be improved.

What did sgi release?

The release consisted of two parts, some library code and a number of
test programs.  The test programs are simple tests for specific syscalls
and are much more pointed and specific than the previously released
doio/iogen/growfiles tests.  These are very simple to read and
understand and lay out some important philosopies for an autmated
testing framework: self-containment in form an functionality and
self-analysis.  Self-containment refers to a tests ability to build-up,
test, tear-down, and cleanup after itself.  It also refers to the test's
ability to operate with little support from other software or
middleware.  Self-analysis refers to a test's ability to perform
functionality tests, analyize the results, and report results in a
meaningful manner.

What's next?

Outside participation.  We need you.  Those outside sgi who are
interested in kernel quality and have always itched for an organized
testing effort for Linux, this is your chance.  Summon your QE frineds
and get them to join this project.

a.k.a, alaffin@sgi.com

Aaron Laffin
laffinaw@acm.org or a.laffin@computer.org