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Re: Linux filesystem tests


John is right.  Until very recently, the only tests released as part of
the ltp have been fs tests.  These were released for the XFS project. 
We released those a little bit early, but now we're getting going on the
project as a whole.  Last week we released eight new tests.  These new
tests are very simple tests and on their own are rather trivial in
comparison to the task of testing the linux kernel.  This is, however,
why we started this project -- to make sure the testing of Linux is not

Those new tests were released for two reasons: 1) spark interest in the
project and 2) allow some simple tests to illustrate a bit of SGI's
philosophy on kernel testing.  This of course brings us to a much bigger
topic, kernel testing in general and how its done.

In regard to running the tests and the command lines for them, this
depends on the specific test program.  Doio and iogen are a tag team and
rwtest is a wrapper around them.  The number of useful command lines for
these commands is rather large.

This brings us to the issue of organizing the running of the tests. 
This is a large problem and as more tests are added to the Linux Test
Project, the problem will grow.  We have solutions and we hope to be
able to contribute to this area.

First, we'd like to get more backing and participitation from the
community.  I invite you to join and contribute to our project. 
Likewise, any other TurboLinux insiders you think might be interested,
send them our way.


John Wright wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 11:58:45AM -0700, Uros Prestor wrote:
> > John, Simon --
> >
> > In our meeting at TurboLinux you have mentioned that SGI has some Linux
> > tests.  I checked out oss.sgi.com and the only thing I found is the
> > Linux Test Project which currently does a set of filesystem tests.  Is
> > this all that you guys currently have?  I would like to put together a
> > test suite and I am looking for anything I could throw in.
> >
> > With regards to LTP, is there a specific set of parameters I need to
> > pass to the rwtest script or shall I run it without any arguments?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Uros
> > --
> > Uros Prestor
> > uros@turbolinux.com
> Hi Uros...
> So Bill Roske (whr@sgi.com) manages the group that produces the Linux tests.
> Aaron Laffin has done alot of the work (alaffin@sgi.com).
> I beleive you are right about the current download being mostly
> filesystem test (probably the first priority was to help xfs)... But there
> is a good chance they have something more cooking. Try asking
> on the mailing list on oss.
> If I remember right, I think the script on the download was pretty
> simplistic... No args just runs thru one of each test in a row.
> jwright
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Aaron Laffin
Silicon Graphics, Inc. OS Test Development
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