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Re: Draft of announcement to linux-kernel

On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 11:35:43AM -0500, Aaron Laffin wrote:
> Nathan Straz wrote:
> > 
> > Subject: [ANNC] Linux Test Project
> > 
> > SGI would like to announce the Linux Test Project.  The goal of this
> > project is to create a formal automated test suite for the Linux
> > kernel.
> I think we need to be careful in our wording here.  I think something
> more along the lines of "...is to create a formal testing project for
> the linux kernel."  I want to be sure that we don't constrain the goals
> of the project to what our group has in mind.  I'd rather hash it out as

Our goal isn't to create the project.  We ARE creating the project.
Keeping the project alive is an implicit goal.  Maybe ".. a formalized
testing system .." would be generic enough.  We can always expand our
goals once we get closer to them. 

> part of the project.  We als want to be sure that we don't in any way
> imply that we want to be a required rubber stamp or something along that
> line for Linus to release a kernel.  I think for now, within x hours of

What part do you think implied that we wanted to be a required part of
the kernel process?  I'm trying to position the project as an extension
of peer review rather than as a core part of the kernel process.  I'll
let Linus decide if it becomes a "rubber stamp."

Nate Straz
Linux Test Project  http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ltp/