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Re: [Announce] Linux Test Project

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Nathan Straz wrote:
> Noted.  Which areas in the kernel are most in need of regression
> coverage?  Stress testing?  Dreaming of any tools that you need lately?

Random thoughts:

- Great initiative!

- Performance regression would be a good thing, but rather tricky to set

- I'd encourage you to make it very easy for people to contribute new
test cases.  

This is an organisational thing.  If joe-random-developer comes up with
some little test case it would be neat if he could wrap it in a little
scripting framework and submit it with _minimal_ effort.

- Some tests will not lend themselves to autorunning.  Networking, of
course.  Plus tests which involve removable media, unplugging devices,

So the environmental wrappers (which are really the core of this
project) will need to be able to stop and prompt for some external
activity.  And the means of presenting the documentation for the test
setup should be thought out up-front.

- Is there prior-art here which can be learnt from?  How do the irix QA
guys test stuff before it goes out?

- A lot of kernel tests require that the kernel be patched to run the
test (whitebox testing).  spinlock debugging, slab poisoning, assertion
checking (what assertions?), etc.  Is it your intent to take things this

- The test execution environment will need to be able to not run some
tests, based upon the tester's architecture and config (eg: I don't have