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[LTP] Re: [Announce] Linux Test Project

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 02:20:23AM +0000, Andrew Morton wrote:
> I forsee organisational problems.  How to persuade kernel developers to
> contribute test cases, regression tests for their own components and
> changes?  Hard.

If they aren't writing tests already, yes it will be hard.  If they
already have tests written, it should not be hard to get the contributed
to them.  If the tests need to be updated to fit into the system, we can
help with that. 

> I'm sure that many developers already have home-grown test tools.  It's
> a matter of getting them to pony up.  Hard.

Yes, this could be hard.  Some people won't want to switch to a larger
testing system. That's fine.  They can probably test the little
chunk they are working on just fine.  Someone else can have the full
system and run the complete set of tests.  It will be up to the
developers to try out LTP and starting using it.  I am not going to rush

> I also forsee areas for tension between your corporate goals and the
> rest of the world.  Not bad things per se, but just "things".
> SPARC/PPC/Alpha.  The IDE driver. If the sponsors of this project do not
> require IDE in products... 

SGI has no intension to limit the scope of this project.  All of the
project decisions are made by members of the project which includes only
one person from management.  

> Good.  I'll pull down your existing stuff and provide feedback (probably
> on linux-kernel).  Give me a few days.

Great!  Probably linux-kernel would be the best place until a good plan
is created.  Right now we are looking for as much community input as

> I think coordinating the test script with $TOPDIR/.config is the best
> approach, although it's perfectly valid (and gives better coverage) to
> just run all the tests every time and to use the .config to weed out
> bogus error reports.

Eventually we will need to base the tests run against the configuration
of the machine.  .config will probably be part of this.  lspci may be
another.  The configuration to test matching system is going to be
complex and will require extensibility.  I would call it a milestone
when we get to the point where we need it. 

> Anyway, I need to take a look at your stuff before going any further.
> BTW: A kernel bug-tracking system would be nice.  Do you have any bored
> web developers over there?

I think using the 2.4 TODO at the kernel bug-tracking system is a smart
idea.  Ted Ts'o probably has the best grip of what bugs are in the
kernel and what kind of system is needed.  If Ted decides to go to a web
system, it would be nice to get some testing references in there.  

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