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[LTP] Re: mmap001

>>>>> "aaron" == Aaron Laffin <alaffin@sgi.com> writes:

aaron> I've attached a modified version of the mmap001 test from Juan
aaron> Quintela's (quintela@fi.udc.es) memtest suite:
aaron> http://carpanta.dc.fi.udc.es/~quintela/memtest/

aaron> It could be used "as is" but has a couple drawbacks.  I've made a few
aaron> mods to utilize our libs:
aaron> 1.  The size of the mmap'ed file is a compile-time option.  Once
aaron> compiled, there is no way to change it.  I've added a -m <n> option
aaron> where n is the number of pages in size the mapped file should be.
aaron> 2.  The temporary mmap'ed file is created in the current working
aaron> directory.  The immediate problem with this methodology is if all the
aaron> tests use the current working directory as temp space, they're
aaron> eventually going to leave garbage lying around. Also, multiple instances
aaron> of the test will collide.  I've used tst_tmpdir() and tst_rmdir() to
aaron> create and cleanup a temporary directory for the test.  Setting the
aaron> TDIRECTORY environment variable allows the manual setting of the
aaron> temporary directory.

If have some ideas in that respect to implement something similar.
The idea of this tests was to make then small and easily configurable
to be able to run several of them in parallel and doing some harness
to make written new tests really easy, but I have had not too many
time in implementing the harness.  I will read what you have done. 

Later, Juan.

In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they 
are different -- Larry McVoy