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[LTP] [PATCH] Help updates, please review

Okay, attached is a (large) patch to LTP that is most, if not all, the
changes needed to update parse_opts and the help routines.  Here's a
summary of what happened:

- mc_getopts is no longer used.  getopt is used instead and the standard
  options have been changed to single character options.  See previous
  email for the translation table.

- A function has been added called STD_set_user_help(void (*uhf)()) that
  should be used to add help messages specific to the test program.
  Just printf() whatever you need to.  All output will come after the
  standard help screen and the test program will exit immediately after.

- updated test programs that added options.  Remove redundant help
  options.  Everything seems to work.  

Any questions?
Nate Straz                                              nstraz@sgi.com
sgi, inc                                           http://www.sgi.com/
Linux Test Project                    http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ltp/