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Re: [LTP] fatal signal handling


Wednesday, 06 September, 2000 Aaron Laffin alaffin@sgi.com wrote:

AL> Even though the case of using the default handler and cleanup function
AL> does not require any differentiation between BSD and SYSV semantics,
AL> there is still the case of the alternative handler.  Because the handler
AL> is specified by the test programmer, some expectation of whether BSD or
AL> SYSV semantics are in use is necessary.  For this reason, I've created
AL> my own knock-off of signal()-like function called setup_signal() to be
AL> used by tst_sig().  It uses sigaction() and should be usable on Linux,
AL> Irix, and even FreeBSD without any funny '_BSD_SIGNALS' or
AL> '_XOPEN_SOURCE' definitions.

oh,  thanks.  different  platforms are in much bigger accordance as to
sigaction() semantics then to signal()

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