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[LTP] RE: summary of tests included in ltp?


I think a manifest would be easy to do, but it would not
answer question of what do the tests test.
We have also talked about having a description of each test command
I think this is useful to understanding a specific test.   It becomes
very valuable when trying to understand complex tests.  I think it
is worth pursuing.  

A description of each test still does not easily answer the question
like "what are the memory management tests?".
We could break the Linux kernel into logical areas.  We could give
each of these areas a keyword.  Tests could then list the areas they
by listing their keywords.  As we move forward and start developing
a testing framework, these ideas need to flushed out and be put into the


Bill Roske wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for your interest!  I'm not sure we have
> a complete list of axactly what is covered, other than
> the short description in the README.
> I'm copying this message to the ltp list itself.  We've
> talked about a manifest or description mechanism of some sort.
> It wouldn't be a bad idea to put that in place before we
> get too far behind in numbers:-)
> Thoughts, anyone?
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> Bill Roske
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> Subject: summary of tests included in ltp?
> I'm looking for a summary of the tests included in the ltp? What
> aspects of the kernel do they test etc.
> Thanks,
> Dan