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Hi John,

I hope we can work togther to improve the quality of Linux through our
testing work.  That aside, I need some help determining if TET can fit
into an open source project such as LTP or even the Linux Project
itself.  It appears to me that TET is not open source [1] and is not
free software [2].  Correct me if I'm wrong [3].

Taking off my corporate hat and putting on my open source advocate hat,
I seriously question building open source software around non-open
source software.  If we build our testware around TET, no matter how
"standard" or functionally excellent TET is, our testware will always be
at the mercy of the functionality and availability of TET.  As a long
time open source advocate, I believe that building our project around
TET would set us up for failure.

One of the things that I'm really interested in is making the tests and
testware easy enough to use and run that developers, Linux kernel
developers, might run our tests on their modifications before submitting
patches.  I think using non-redistributable software (TET) would put a
serious kink in that possibility and many others.

Thoughts, please,

[1] http://www.opensource.org/osd.html
[2] http://www.fsf.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
[3] http://tetworks.opengroup.org/LICENSE

John George/Beaverton/IBM wrote:
> Has anyone considered using The Test Environment Toolkit (TET) as a harness
> for
> the LTP?  TET3 is the latest version and is freely available.
> TET seems to be close to an industry standard and is used by many other
> test
> suites (e.g. vsx, vsth, and other standards tests).  The suite is very
> robust
> and provides easy to read result summaries.
> IBM is developing a set of linux system call tests using TET3 and would
> like to
> contribute these tests to the LTP.  We would also be willing to participate
> in
> converting the existing functionality to TET.
> The following site provides detailed information about the product and I
> hope
> you will seriously consider using TET for the LTP.
> http://tetworks.opengroup.org
> John George
> Software Engineer

Aaron Laffin
Silicon Graphics, Inc. OS Test Development
Email: alaffin@sgi.com Voice: 651-683-5756