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[LTP] Re: more on TET and frameworks

ok, we need to do some discussion to define a roadmap for our execution
framework.  From what I've read about TET, once you write a TET test to
be API-compliant, it requires TET.  On what level is this requirement? 
I like being able to say to a developer, "this is how we found a
problem, try this test."  But now I'd have to add, "You need to install
TET first."  How might this work?

> The following site provides detailed information about the product and I
> hope
> you will seriously consider using TET for the LTP.

I hope we can come up with the best solution for Linux and the open
source community.  I believe IBM like SGI is building platforms around
Linux.  Having confidence in those platforms is important.  That's what
we want.  But we also want joe hacker to be able to run these tests on
his system after he makes a mad dash for ftp.kernel.org after the
announcement for 2.5.176-pre21.  Is TET feasible in this space?


Aaron Laffin
Silicon Graphics, Inc. OS Test Development
Email: alaffin@sgi.com Voice: 651-683-5756