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[LTP] Pan updated

I have just commited to CVS some big changes to pan, a simple test
driver I released last week.  The update includes:

1. Buffering of output.  Now you can prevent test results from mixing
   when you really want to trash the system with the -x option.  

2. Formatting of the output.  I've added some output formatting to make
   the results easier to parse.  We have a scanner that understands this
   format which is on it's way.  Right, Aaron?  I also added an option
   to select the type of formatting you want.  The only options right
   now are "rts" and "none."  Feel free to suggest or add your own
   formats.  I know the code sucks around that area.  Putting all the
   reportable data into a struct is an idea I plan on implementing soon.

3. There is now an option to send output to a file.  I know, this was
   easy, but you should have seen the code I was going to bring in.

So once we get the scanner out there, I think we have cause to get a new
tarball released and some news on the web site.  

Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome.
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