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[LTP] growfiles

Is anyone using growfiles on Linux? I'm getting reports of corruption with
data converted to zeros.
Here is the command I'm running on ext2:

mkfs /dev/hdd1 # a 20 gig drive
mkdir /mnt/ext2
mount /dev/hdd1 /mnt/ext2

Then, I ran:

growfiles -i 0 -g 16384 -T 1000 -n 10 -t 7777 -l -C 1000 -c 5000 -d
/mnt/ext2/sally -S 1000  > /tmp/grow.again 2>&1

I have modified growfiles to exit when it discovers the corruption, but this
really doesn't help since
the other 9 threads/tasks keep going and trash the file. I also modified the
data checker to print
out all of the bad data. Is anyone interested in these changes?

I'm running ltp-20000804.