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RE: [LTP] growfiles

We are running 2.2.16 with no changes in this area. It is
pretty much a stock kernel.

I'll pull down the latest.

I think growfiles needs to be modified to stop when it detects
corruption. It should also prevent the other threads from screwing
with the file it has detected an error on. It could do this by
sleeping indefinitely or killing all the other processes.


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On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 07:52:30PM -0500, Mostek, Jim wrote:
> Is anyone using growfiles on Linux? 

Yes, we're using it.  Of course, we released it.

> I'm getting reports of corruption with
> data converted to zeros.

Which kernel version are you running?  Did you apply any patches to the
stock kernel?

> I have modified growfiles to exit when it discovers the corruption, but
> really doesn't help since
> the other 9 threads/tasks keep going and trash the file. I also modified
> data checker to print
> out all of the bad data. Is anyone interested in these changes?

Yes!  We are definately interested in these changes.  Please send the
patch to the list.

> I'm running ltp-20000804.

FYI, we have released a few new tarballs since August.  The last release
includes a simple test driver and some better docs. 

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