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Re: [LTP] 2.4.test11 and LTP

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 11:37:26AM -0800, Todd Ferkingstad wrote:
> anyone working with the 2.4.test11 kernel? I was using Red Hat 6.2 stock and
> all the tests were passing. I went to the 2.4.test11 kernel and now I get
> failiures in:
> ulimit01    2  FAIL  :  ulimit(2, -1) returned 0
> open01      5  FAIL  :  Expected ELOOP error condition when open(2) a nested
> symbolic link: errno:2 No such file or directory
The last version I ran LTP on was 2.4.0-test9, which showed the same two
failures.  A lot has changed since 2.2.x so I'm not sure if the behavior
was supposed to change or not.  According to the man pages ulimit(2,3) is
obsolete and glibc is getting rid of it.  The test case should probably
be replaced with tests of getrlimit(2) and setrlimit(2).  I'll have to
look into open01 to see what is going on there.  It's been a while since
I looked.

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