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Re: [LTP] Linux Test Project

We run a superset of everything in LTP on a regular basis on the test kernels.
I can say that I have not looked at Suse's knfsd, but it sounds like you have
a winner.  Does the same thing happen out of local /tmp?  Does the server say


Aaron Laffin
Silicon Graphics, Inc. OS Test Development
Email: alaffin@sgi.com Voice: 651-683-5756

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, E. Gryaznova wrote:

> Hi.
> Does anyone run LTP-tests on testing nfs filesystem? I am using
> 2.4-test10 + Suse 6.4's knfsd package (991001-47). 
> # ./iogen -i 0 100000b:doio_1 | ./doio -av -n 8 -m 1000
> hangs my mashine without any message.
> Thanks.
> Elena Gryaznova.