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[LTP] sighold02 failed

Hi all,

I downloaded ltp-20010122.tar.gz and run runalltests.sh.
But testcase "sighold02" does not works fine.

$ ./sighold02 
sighold02    1  FAIL  :  sighold(64) failed, rv:-1, errno:22
sighold02    2  BROK  :  Remaining cases broken

I doubt that for() loop at line:233 is wrong.
233:             for (sig = 1; sig <= NUMSIGS; sig++) {
NSIG is defined as biggest signal number + 1.
So, I think the line should be the following.
233:             for (sig = 1; sig < NUMSIGS; sig++) {

Fumio Nakayama
QA Supervisor, Turbolinux Japan K.K.