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Re: [LTP] What is "super"

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Nathan Straz wrote:

> "super" is a tool that we decided to use to get to root.  Most test
> programs should be run as a normal user, although they don't enforce it.
> super allows the sysadmin to specify programs a user can run as a
> different user, usually root.  The great thing about super is that it
> doesn't require you to type in a password like sudo does.  Unfortunately

sudo should not require a password if the NOPASSWD options is given in the 
sudoers line. Borrowed example:

# Give all users permission to mount
# and umount a CD ROM on cdmach.
# Do not require a password.
ALL   cdmach=NOPASSWD: /sbin/umount /cdrom, \
            /sbin/mount -o ro /dev/acd0c /cdrom

If this actually works, I don't know.