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Re: [LTP] What is "super"

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Nathan Straz wrote:

> I am having a little trouble though.  I updated the sudoers file for my
> system and tried running the sudo.sh script you provided.  sudo asked me
> for a password.  I thought it was odd, so I did a little testing.
> LTP works by adding the test programs to the path and executing them by
> name.  sudo doesn't seem to like that.  

I put the full path in the sudoers file and then ran the script. I tested
again now and it still works for me, so it's not that I did something
special the first time.

> I'm running Sudo version 1.6.3p6 from Debian/unstable.

Same version, except RH7 (no special patches).
Perhaps it's some configure --option?

Btw, isn't it a bit dangerous to run without pathname, ie 'super foo' ?

If I modify runalltest.sh to put my personal bin dir first, I can run
whatever I want as foo with root permissions. In most cases this is a
non-issue I guess, since the person running ltp is probably a developer on
a single user machine. But still?