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[LTP] New tarball available

I decided that today would be a good day to release a new tarball of the
Linux Test Project.  

New in this tarball

- pan now supports complex command lines.  Any test tag with shell
  related characters will be run with "sh -c"

- zoolib was mostly rewritten.  Pan and zoolib were so closely tied it
  was sick.  I cleaned up the zoo interfaces and pan accordingly.

- tst_tempdir() has been updated to use mkdtemp().  This should clean up
  many of the warnings that compiling with glibc 2.2 produces.  

- sample sudo configuration files from Urban.  Now you should be able to
  run as-root tests using sudo or super.  NOTE: Doesn't work on Debian
  unstable yet.  There is a bug open concerning the compiled in
  secure_path.  Use whatever works for you.

- as-root tests have been split into separate files.  You'll have to add
  them explicitly to run them now.

Nate Straz                                              nstraz@sgi.com
sgi, inc                                           http://www.sgi.com/
Linux Test Project                    http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ltp/