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[LTP] Testing Framework

Hi all,

Previously on this mailing list there have been some discussions
about which testing framework will be adopted by the LTP. I wanted to know
if there are any plans to extend pan or to adopt a testing framework 
like TET or DejaGNU.

I would like to implement automated linux testing at CERN, and plan to
use the LTP test suite. However, I require a framework to drive
functionality, performance under overload conditions, benchmarks and
distributed tests (and have all logging in one central location).

I need to select (and extend if required) a framework/driver which will be
able to run these tests automatically. pan seems to lack a test timeout and
the facility for distributed testing.

Would there be any interest in the LTP community for this functionality
to be added pan? Are people using DejaGNU or TET?

Any comments/experiences/advice is most welcome...