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Re: [LTP] Testing Framework

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 02:32:08PM +0100, Michal ROSZKOWSKI wrote:
> Previously on this mailing list there have been some discussions
> about which testing framework will be adopted by the LTP. I wanted to know
> if there are any plans to extend pan or to adopt a testing framework 
> like TET or DejaGNU.

We've looked at TET and DejaGNU and don't like either one.  At this
point we're holding off on a full-fledged automated framework in favor
of working on the tests. 

> I need to select (and extend if required) a framework/driver which will be
> able to run these tests automatically. pan seems to lack a test timeout and
> the facility for distributed testing.

Pan is really just a test driver, and a simple one at that.  By that I
mean that it just manages tests that it is told to run.  Adding a test
timeout is something that we could look at.  With the current pan
design, it would have to be pretty simple, i.e. one timeout for
everything.  You could always add a wrapper to the test tag that handles
the timeout.

> Would there be any interest in the LTP community for this functionality
> to be added pan? Are people using DejaGNU or TET?

We are always interested in improving the tools.  Depending on my time
and the strength of the itch, I've been known to get some of the work
done.  Patches are always welcome and I try to integrate those ASAP.  

Egor Duda <deo@logos-m.ru>, was doing work with getting LTP and DejaGNU
to work together.  I don't know how far he got.  His message states that
it is for the cygwin test suite.  

Thanks for your interest in LTP,
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