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Re: [LTP] crash tests

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 12:32:19AM +0200, Stephane Fillod wrote:
> * mem01
>   Tries to malloc as much memory as possible, and make pages dirty
>   to force RAM allocation. In other words, this is a memory stress test.
>   Makes linux-2.4.2-ac20+am_console_patch+ng_lowlatency panic..


> * proc01
>   Reads all the readable files in /proc. Good to exercise read locks,
>   and good kernel latency killer too. Let me know if it blocks on read
>   (shouldn't). Also "cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/route/flush" returns EINVAL
>   on read, is it the expected behaviour?


> * crash01
>   This one comes from the world famous 'crashme-2.4', written 
>   by George J Carrette. Actually, a lot of code has been rewritten,
>   but credits are due.

Delayed to verify the license from the original author.

> * crash02
>   As crash01 creates random instructions and executes them, crash02
>   creates random syscalls and executes them. This may be dangerous since
>   it can actually erase all your data. However, on non-production system,
>   with fs mounted ro and run as nobody, this could be safe (NO WARRANTY).
>   After some testing, I noticed that some random syscalls are killed
>   by SIGSEGV. Aren't they supposed to return nicely with EFAULT instead?


> I tried to use the ltp library, following the mmap001.c example. 

It looks like you've done a good job.  mem01.c doesn't seem to clean up
properly, but we can clean that up later.  Shall I wait to release a new
tarball until after you've verified the license on crash01.c or do you
think that's going to take a while?

Thanks for the contribution,
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