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Re: [LTP] crash tests

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001, Nathan Straz wrote:
> > * crash01
> >   This one comes from the world famous 'crashme-2.4', written 
> >   by George J Carrette. Actually, a lot of code has been rewritten,
> >   but credits are due.
> Delayed to verify the license from the original author.

still no reply. Would it be possible to distribute it under the GPL
if I rewrite _completly_ the program ?  Part of original crashme code 
still remaining in crash01.c is evaluated to 30%.
Even with a complete rewrite, I would still prefer the agreement
from the original author.

> properly, but we can clean that up later.  Shall I wait to release a new
> tarball until after you've verified the license on crash01.c or do you
> think that's going to take a while?
  well, it looks like you find out :-)

REM: proc01.c might need some improvement (shouldn't block on some files),
     and mem01.c too (exercice cache lines, ...)