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Re: [LTP] Testing Framework

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Michal ROSZKOWSKI wrote:

> We have looked at a number of frameworks (including commercial ones) and none
> of these meet our needs. I would like to know how much interest there is in
> the community for such a framework.
> I have written a short list of requirements at:
> http://home.cern.ch/mkroszko/requirements

I like the distributed part. I have a need to run tests that require
changes on a server as well, both for setup and during the test run. With
and without synchronization between client(s) and server.

Being able to run the servers on different platforms is valuable to me.
(for linux smbfs testing it is useful to run vs all sorts of win32
 servers, unix/samba servers, OS/2 (?) and whatever else that can serve
 smb ... win32 servers are most important for me)

A test might be:
	linux client			win32 server

	+ write 10 bytes to a file
	  on the server
        + signals the test-server
					+ write 10 more bytes to the
					  same file
					+ signals the client
	+ verify that the changes
	  become visible

To create different cases (order of writes) some kind of signalling is

I suspect other cases are similar. To test network drivers you want to be
able to run performance tests (a la netperf), or verify functionality vs
different other OS:es/network stacks.

pan has a very easy to use interface, write a program and the exitcode
says good/bad. Specifying a C and shell API sounds more complicated to use
for someone that haven't used this framework before. Perhaps that is