Linux Test Project

NGPT 1.1.2

February 1, 2002


This document summarizes the NGPT test results of the IBM Linux Technology Center Test Team. It includes the test approach, unresolved issues, environment, test cases, and observations for NGPT Testing. It identifies identify areas where additional testing would be useful.

Test approach

The objective of NGPT testing is to utilize testcases that cause many thread operations to be performed. Other than functionality that is implicitly tested by these testcases, an attempt will not be made to do functional verification of NGPT.

Exit criteria

Unresolved issues

1. The stress test hung after 17 hours
After running for about 17 hours, the stress test halted on pth_str03. Some of the threads for this test were in a defunct state at the time of the hang. This appears to be fixed with the NGPT 1.2.0 release.

Areas for further testing

Many of the tests in plan have not been run yet. Obviously more stress testing is needed, as well as an integration run.

Test environment

This section details the distributions and kernel versions, and defines the hardware configurations used during testing.


Initial test efforts focused on commercially available distributions. The LTC is continually evaluating its test environment and may add additional distributions in the future. The distributions and releases for the test effort were as follows:


Hardware configurations

Name Processor Memory Storage
2-way SMP PII-233 (2) 512M physical + 512M swap 4 GB

Test cases and observations

Focus test
Description: One pass through the basic set of 7 NGPT tests
Target Test Duration: One pass
Average Test Duration: Less than 1 hour
Hardware: 2-way SMP
Kernel: 2.4.16+NGPT patches
Distributions: RedHat 7.23
Parameters: None
Observations: All tests passed with expected results.
Cpu0 user = 48.30%
Cpu0 system = 3.74%
Cpu1 user = 46.82%
Cpu1 system = 4.86%
Memory used = 44.78%
Swap used = 0.00%

Stress Test
Description:The same focus tests are used in this test, but they are allowed to run continuously for 72 hours.
Target Test Duration:72 hours
Average Test Duration:17 hours
Hardware:2-way SMP
Kernel:2.4.16+NGPT Patch
Distributions:RedHat 7.2
Parameters:2 instances of this were running at once
Observations:The test halted after about 17 hours due to a hang in the pth_str03 test.

VSTHLite Test
Description:One pass through the VSTHLite testsuite
Target Test Duration:1 Pass
Average Test Duration:Less than 1 hour
Hardware:2-way SMP
Kernel:2.4.16+NGPT Patch
Distributions:RedHat 7.2
Parameters:The defaults were used for this test run, but I am investigating some parameters that may yield more accurate results.
Observations:Succeed: 238 Fail: 13 Unresolved: 10 Unsupported: 196 Untested: 7 NotInUse: 236 The total expected tests was 704. I have been told by the NGPT development team that 9 of these failures under Linux can be attributed to issues in GLIBC.

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