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May 27, 2018
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Inside LTP Test Suite

The following is a short description of the contents of LTP test suite package ltp-yyyyddmm.tgz .

Installation documentation and quick start guide

A read me document that describes the contents of the LTP package.

Credits to those who have contributed to the project.

GNU Public License

An incomplete list of changes to the project. We will try harder to keep this up to date.

Graphical interface for building and executing the LTP testsuite.

Top level make file for LTP.

A simple script to run all of the packaged tests in sequential order and report the over all result.

Documentation for the project including man pages for some of the tools & library functions, as well as descriptions of every test.

The include and lib directories contain headers and codes for common routines used by many of the tests. We have tried to keep this to a minimum.

Contains all tests that run under the LTP as well as the "bin" directory, which has hardlinks to all the test executables.

Contains testscripts that run groupings of tests within the LTP.

It houses command lists that are used by pan for automated testing.

The pan directory contains a simple, lightweight test harness. pan has the ability to run tests randomly and in parallel. See pan's man page for more information.

The scratch directory is a dumping ground for snippets and test cases that we found but haven't integrated into LTP yet. Feel free to suggest new snippets to be added, or take one of these and finish it off.

This directory contains various tools for use and used by the LTP.