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JANUARY 2014 STABLE release is out. JAN 2014 release bz2 format download is also available. SEP 2013 Older Release release is also here. LCOV-1.9 has just been released, and you can pick your copy from HERE. The latest version of the testsuite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as: test results, a Linux test tools matrix, technical papers and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool. RHEL5 LSPP testsuite has also been released and can be downloaded from here. A lot of activities has been going on in LTP. Complete status of the same can be found in the LTP-WIKI. We would be happy to know your willingness to contribute here.

LTP also announces the Release of next stable LTP-DEVEL- RPM Packages for i386, x86_64, ia64, ppc64 and s390x. The same can be picked up from here. There is also a recent announcement for SGI Common Criteria CAPP/LSPP EAL4+ certification test suite. The same can also be picked up from here. We encourage the community to post results, and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to to our mailing list.

About The LTP

The Linux™ Test Project is a joint project started by SGI™ and maintained by IBM®, that has a goal to deliver test suites to the open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux. The LTP testsuite contains a collection of tools for testing the Linux kernel and related features.
Several open source technology companies worldwide have been key contributors and those interested are encouraged to join the project.
Refer to the "LTP HowTo" and "Inside LTP Testsuite" for documentation on the test suite, as well as ways to do anonymous downloads.

Contribution to LTP from 1st December, 2007 onwards would require Developer's Certificate of Origin ("sign-off") process.. Please see "DCO.txt" for more information. LTP is subscription only list. You need to subscribe to LTP mailing list here to see the efforts in Linux Testing, and be able to send mails to this list. If you wish to pick up LTP OLD Releases, they can be found here. The Source code of LTP is hosted here. Information on how to write LTP test cases, post them to community & become an LTP developer can be found here. All active LTP works can also be found here.
You Could Learn Alot From The LTP.

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