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April 28, 2004
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Technical Papers


Simulate devices using DSF. Getting started with the Linux kernel Device Simulator Framework
Martin Ridgeway -- March 2004 IBM DeveloperWorks  (HTML)

Kernel Comparision Web serving on 2.4 and 2.6
Li Ge -- March 2004 IBM DeveloperWorks  (HTML)

Using Code Coverage Analysis Using code coverage analysis
Paul Larson, Nigel Hinds, Hubertus Franke, Martin Ridgeway --   (PDF)

Kernel Comparision Networking improvements in the 2.6 kernel
Robert Williamson -- March 2004 IBM DeveloperWorks  (HTML)

Stress Testing the Linux Kernel A design process for standardized testing of Linux
Robert Williamson -- June 2004 IBM DeveloperWorks  (HTML)


Improving the Linux Test Project with Kernel Code Coverage Analysis. Paul Larson, Nigel Hinds, Hubertus Franke, Rajan Ravindran. Proceedings of the 2003 Ottawa Linux Symposium, July 2003, Ottawa Canada.  (PDF)

Linux Stability with the 2.5 and 2.6 Kernels.  Stephanie Glass, Mark Vander Wiele,  Kernel stabilty comparision White Paper,  September 2003.  (HTML)

Putting Linux reliability to the test.  Li Ge, Linda Scott, Mark Vander Wiele,  IBM DeveloperWorks Technical Report,  December 2003.  (PDF)


Linux Technology Center Testing. Linda Scott. LTP Whitepaper, April 2002.  (PDF)

Analysis of  Linux Test Project's Kernel Code Coverage. Manoj Iyer,  LTP Whitepaper, June 2002.  (PDF)

Testing Linux with Linux Test Project. Paul Larson. Proceedings of the 2002 Ottawa Linux Symposium, July 2002, Ottawa Canada (HTML) (PDF)

Other Technical Documents

Websphere Test Suite Installation on Linux HOWTO
Enterprise White Paper
RAID1 Testing Procedure